FSBO Boot Camp

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FSBO Boot Camp is a comprehensive home listing system. It is designed to remove the
obstacles associated with FSBO prospecting that drive so many Realtors away from guaranteed success.

The fact is that FSBO’s list and sell their homes with Realtors. FSBO Boot Camp is your
tool to bring you and your family stable predictable income. Follow the steps, and the process
each day and there is no option to the results you will achieve. You will be the Real Estate Rock
Star of your office.

This is what you get with FSBO Boot Camp:

The keynote slide show presentation providing you the introduction, orientation and integration
of how to use the system to list one FSBO per week. What challenges you should
expect throughout the FSBO Listing process and the solutions to move forward
each time, with no confrontation, and no resistance. We are going to establish
you as the subject matter expert of the FSBO market in your area.

The exact script of what to say at your preview appointment is included. Also, provided are the objections handling techniques you need. And, the conversation advancers that are going to get you back into the home as the Listing Agent. We provide you with all the information you need to educate the FSBO on the facts behind all the NAR statistics about FSBO success, and Pitfall.

You will have all of the tools in your hands to be the single point of Trustworthy valuable information for the FSBO. Creating a relationship based on trust, and respect that you are the only agent they need to deal with.

The EMAIL scripts you need to get your foot in the door, and to get face to face with the FSBO. These scripts are powerful tools that you will use to provide valuable memorable interaction, and to get the FSBO to reply to you. They will give you their contact information and let you in to start the process.

We provide you a completely customizable FSBO Selling Guide for you to make yours, and give to your prospects. This is not a commercial for you, your services or the results that you can provide. This is a true guide, 40 pages of how they can sell their home. It is provided as a real statement to the FSBO of what they will have to do, to get it sold on their own. It sets you apart as a trust worthy, and knowledgeable master of the FSBO market.

To ensure that we at Ultimate Lead Capture and Conversion provide you with awesome, super mega quality and supreme value you will also receive the following BONUS information:

  • The Dave Ramsey (Financial Planner Guru) Realtor value endorsement letter.
  • The Seven Principles of Facebook advertising.
  • Our class on How To: Create Real Craigslist Ads THAT WORK! Coupled with YOUTUBE integration.





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